How much do you know about wigs

More and more people are losing their hair, and the types of hair loss are also diverse. The repeated treatment of hair loss makes many people lose confidence in the treatment of hair loss, so people choose wigs to make up for physiological defects.What do you know about wigs?Good hair small make up help you understand.

What are non-mainstream wigs and how are non-mainstream wigs divided

Non – mainstream wig and fee mainstream clothing is almost the same, is the pursuit of youth fashion, the embodiment of personality

Generally used in life hair products, most are more traditional and practical products, such as: toupee for repairing baldness, hair extension products such as hair bundle, hair curtain;Accessories used to conceal sexual adornment such as ponytail, bangs, braids, etc.Wigs and wigs are mainly used in chemotherapy patients called medical wigs…These popular wig products are generally called mainstream wigs.

The so-called non-mainstream wigs, relative to the mainstream wigs, are alternative wig products.In fact, the current popular non-mainstream wigs are mostly extensions of dramatic hair, and the basic raw materials are mainly chemical fibers: the exaggerated elements of holiday wigs are restrained, and the romantic life is added.One of the more popular hairstyles is COSPLAY, or anime wig, which stems from the nostalgic attachment of children to the Japanese anime era when they grow up.The cosplay design is bold and open, cold and fashionable. It caters to the fast pace of society and matches the modern personalized social needs and spiritual yearning.Cosplay wigs are currently the world’s most popular non-mainstream wig products.

In the stranded element that causes trichomadesis, the influence of psychosocial department and individual factor is quite big, somebody calls spot alopecia areata “because the heart is alopecia areata”, b disease heart is treated, spot alopecia areata can be treated, many patients can get heal mostly after eliminating psychological factor, also have individual of course repeatedly attack, the case that does not heal for a long time.If patients suffer psychological pain, heavy mental burden, and even gradually lose confidence in treatment, is bound to lead to the aggravation of symptoms, in this case, patients can fake hair, reduce the mental burden, which will be helpful for treatment.

on the other hand, due to the increase of quantity of heat, non-mainstream wig to scalp improve local blood circulation, increase blood flow, and thus also increase nutrients and oxygen, which provide the favorable conditions for the hair again hair, individual patients after wearing a wig, hair loss localized reactions such as itching, fever, but at the same time, makes the scalp vasodilation, bureau back: “fluid circulation increase, may stimulate the germinal cells, promote hair growth.With the fashion footsteps of today’s young people!Non-mainstream wigs have spread rapidly in China.It is no longer thought that only people who have undergone chemotherapy and become monks can wear wigs.Now the wig is completely according to the style of young people in society and add a little romantic slowly revised.In the near future, there will be a lot of people in the country wearing non-mainstream wigs.At present, there are many kinds of wigs on sale in China, which can be divided into five categories: living wigs, decorative wigs, dramatic wigs, model wigs and teaching and practicing wigs.From the length, style to points, can be divided into hair style, long hair style, short hair style, half style, curly hair style, wave style, braid style and straight hair, curly hair, hair;From the color points, there are black, light brown, light brown, golden yellow, silver gray, linen and red and so on.